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Sutton Secur is a legal coverage program that protects you in case of a dispute or issue related to the purchase or sale of a residential property. One Sutton Secur certificate covers you for up to $3,000 in legal fees should an issue or dispute arise. Your Sutton Secur certificate is valid for life for the vendor and buyer (or, in the case of a buyer, for as long as they continue to own the property covered by the certificate). Once a request for legal assistance is made, an attorney is assigned to you immediately, and a legal strategy is put in place to bring the situation to resolution as effectively and affordably as possible.


Sutton Secur covers you, whether buyer or vendor, for issues such as:

• Hidden defects (infestation, cracked foundation, leaky roof, plumbing problem, mould, heating or cooling problem, electrical or wiring problem, suicide or violent death, criminal activity or links to organized crime)

• Landlord and tenant matters

• Problems relating to access to or limits of your property

• Passation of title

• Contractual issues

• Refusal by contracting party • Financing related to the property

• Environmental issues

• Issues related to servitude

• Recourse in warranty by one party against another.




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